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Black Functional Laptop Desk by IKEA

By on November 1, 2013 in Desk with 0 Comments

Black Functional Laptop Desk by IKEA. Working with a laptop of choice because it is more practical. So many laptops on the desk to make. One of them is made ??by IKEA. Black IKEA desk may be used by a laptop with a laptop sizes up to 17 “. Height is adjustable desk height. To […]

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Modern Office Interior Design by Rottet Studio

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Modern Office Interior Design by Rottet Studio. For decorating an office, some people choose to hire an expert. Like the people of Rottet Studio Artist has been commissioned by Capital Management to add a twist to their offices in San Francisco. They make decorating a home office for 14 workers. There is a custom carpet that […]

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Leaves Lampshade Ideas

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Leaves Lampshade Ideas. Inspiration to make a lampshade dpat obtained from anywhere. Like a lampshade on this one, which drew inspiration from the surrounding plants. Lights are named light leaf or vine crops. Leaf lamp, which comes either green or white, can be wrapped around the ball to create a filter that is interesting / […]

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