Japanese minimalist with Your Bedroom Style

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Japanese minimalist with Your Bedroom Style. Japanese bedroom with a minimalist theme is very popular in the world. So that makes people want to create a bedroom with Japanese minimalist theme. It focuses on “less is more” and thus allows one to transform his bedroom into a luxurious retreat.
Here are some tips to make your own japanese bedroom.

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japanese bedroom design ideas
japanese bedroom design ideas

The right way to design a bedroom is to start with the floor and slowly work up. To cover the floor, consider the tatami. Tatami mats are a traditional ingredient used in Japanese homes to cover the floor. Traditional tatami mats made of rice straw, and very comfortable for bare feet. In addition, if you find a complicated task to cover the entire floor and then place in floor.Place mat tatami mat in front of the bed or in the seating area.

Second, decide the color scheme for the room. Traditionally, Japanese décor features neutral earthy tones. You might consider is the color of cream, brown, beige and black. Choose one color to dress your bedroom wall. Bringing splashes of color using the bright colors of nature through accent pieces. Orange, blue, green and red are common colors accent that can be inserted through the paintings, linens and decorative accessories.

minimalist bedroom
minimalist bedroom – Japanese minimalist with Your Bedroom Style

Third, you need to give room. Furniture that is used in Japanese culture close to the floor and thus provide a sense of centered. The bed you choose for the Japanese themed room you should be as low as possible. You also can put a futon mattress directly on the floor. Completing the bed with lacquered bamboo or toilet base. Please note that the piece of furniture that serves the functional needs only introduced into the bedroom. So, do not mess and destroying the room theme.
Lastly, you need to accessorize or decorate the room. Try to choose a decorative element of natural materials like bamboo, rice paper, or wood. Increasing the bed or benches or chairs from the room with silk pillows and cushions. You may hang silk curtains at the windows. Rice paper lanterns hung from the ceiling also looks good. For the walls, hang one or two paintings of Japanese art such as cherry blossom or other nature inspired artwork drunk.

japanese bedroom
japanese bedroom

Japanese minimalist with Your Bedroom Style may be your choice in your favorite home design.

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