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Interior design study is a study for a person who wants to learn the appropriate techniques to plan and use their creativity to shape artistic visions to the empty spaces and turn them into works of art. Moreover, this person has to be able to retain if not enhance the functions of each item as well as other factors on an interior design such as safety.

Students of interior design must have a high commitment to learn because this study major can be very demanding. These students must work hard to improve their skills, always be creative, have flawless communication with their client, with verbal and visual skill so that they are able to understand what a client needs and help materialize the vision. On the other hand, once these students become interior designers, then they realize that although difficult, interior design study is also rewarding in term of self satisfaction and financial reward.

Home Interior Paint

Home Interior Paint

To be able to become a skillful interior designer, you must choose the right school. Some of the best interior design study schools are: Pratt Institute in Brookline, New York; University of Cincinati, Ohio; New York School of Interior Design in New York; Belleveu Collage; and California State University.

Interior Design Study

Interior Design Study

When most people think of interior design study, they may think it is a study only about furniture. Of course this is not true because colors of the wall also play a big role on the overall look of the house and the study of interior design will help you to understand the meaning of these colors and how to put them on your wall. You may not learn specific tips on painting when studying interior design study, but some tips are always available.

If you want to be able to paint like an expert, you must prepare properly.  First of all, you must plan all the colors and record them, then you must prepare the tools such as brushes and rollers. Do not forget to attach tapes on the corners so you will get perfect lines. When you are working with a roller move it away from you, which means the direction is up on the first stroke. If you do this, the paint will puddle at the bottom part of the roller and drips down the wall.

Although you may immediately find that brushes are easy to handle, you must know who to hold them. For smaller brush, you can hold it like you hold a pencil, while for bigger ones, you can grip it. Furthermore, during your first dip your paint brush then move your brush around in the pail so the brush will mix perfectly before you start painting.

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